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Savanna Samson was born Natalie Oliveros on October 14, 1967, in Rochester, New York. She was one of five girls (yes Savanna has 4 sisters!!) in her family. Savanna was your typical girl growing up … she studied ballet and all the normal things little girls do. Savanna however would grow up to be anything but typical.

Savanna Samson

Savanna married in 1999 and by 2002 the couple had a son and were well on their way to getting a divorce. Savanna’s husband (then fiance) had a fantasy about being with a pornstar so Savanna decided to make his dream come true and secretly did an adult movie called Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris. This was in about 1999. Savanna gave the movie to her husband on their wedding night. Years later in a Penthouse interview, however, she revealed that when she saw the movie herself, it made her cry. She was far from happy with the results and as a result, didn’t perform in another adult movie for several years. Lucky for us, she would eventually meet Howard Stern and he would talk her into meeting with Vivid.

In 2002 Savanna officially became a Vivid girl, signing an exclusive contract with them for one year. Savanna came to Vivid at a time when they had a stable full of young, beautiful girls that seemed to be getting all of the attention, however, Savanna proved to be mature and professional, and in the long run that is what impressed Vivid. At a time when Vivid was tired of the nonstop complaints and hissy fits, Savanna showed up to work on time, every time … did the job she was paid for, and then went about her business quietly. So when it came time to renew Savanna’s contract, they did so and also increased the amount of work they were sending her way and how much they were spending on the promotion of her movies.

Many years later, Savanna’s career is still going strong and she’s still at Vivid. Savanna Samson probably makes more movies per year than any other Vivid girl currently under contract and in some cases twice as many. Savanna Samson is a hard worker, to say the least and is very dedicated to perfecting the fine art of sucking a cock.