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Jenteal is a perky blonde with a big smile. She was born Reanna Lynn Rossi on June 26, 1976, in Oklahoma however soon after her family moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Jenteal entered the adult business in 1994 because according to her, I had sex with several girls before I got into the business. It’s one of the reasons I entered… I like girls so much. In 1996 Jenteal signed an exclusive deal with Vivid and became an infamous Vivid Girl. Jenteal came to Vivid at a weird, transitional time in their history. It was really just the dawn of the Internet and Vivid had only begun to realize the potential the Internet would bring them.

Jenteal was well known as being the smart one according to many industry insiders. She ran the business side of her business quite well and saved and invested every penny she could get her hands on. She knew the porn star gig wouldn’t last a lifetime and wanted to use this opportunity to secure her future and apparently that she did.

Jenteal retired from the business officially in 2001 when she gave birth to twins. Although she still has a few friends in the industry she keeps in contact with from time to time, for the most part, she enjoys her retirement and spending time with her husband Chris and their now three children.