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When Jane’s husband practically moves into a porn arcade, Jane moves into action. She storms the place, takes the clients hostage, and fucks half of them before the police react. As real as today’s headlines? Well…no. Hotter than hell? Absolutely!

But for the least discriminating couples, your customers are likely to find a real adult video arcade more entertaining than the one on display here. — Critical Rating: AA 1/2

A lightweight farce with all the sophistication of an Adam Sandler flick, Arcade has the assault-weapon-packing, military fatigue-wearing Jenteal, Melissa Hill, and Alexandra Silk taking over the local Le Sex Shoppe due to their disgust with how much time their husbands and boyfriends spend there whacking off. (What a concept: a porn comedy about the “evils” of porn.)

In between looong stretches of painfully obvious dialogue, director Ralph Parfait gives us five sex couplings that range from the dreadfully dull (a somnambulistic Jenteal/Hill/Silk summit complete with cheesy special effects that look like outtakes from a particularly bad Sci-Fi Channel flick) to the merely pedestrian to one that actually shoots of some spark (a fairly heated Rebecca Wild/Jake Steed pairing).

Thankfully, the whole thing only runs a mere 63 minutes, which is more than enough time to spend in this Arcade.

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