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Sunrise Adams was born in St. Louis, Missouri but was raised in a rural East Texas town called Pickton with a population of about 90. Her family had no phone and one one TV channel, so this left a lot of time for exploring.

Sunrise Adams

After high school, Sunrise Adams was working at the local Sonic Drive-In when her aunt, Porn Star Sunset Thomas came for a visit. She talked to Sunrise about what it means to be a porn star and how it could be her path to wealth and fame so Sunrise Adams returned to California with her aunt in an attempt to find her way.

Sunrise Adams quickly found work and within a blink of an eye was signed with the biggest and most well-known porn company and she became a Vivid Girl. Sunrise Adams became a fan favorite and her fame continues to grow.

Sunrise Adams also took one more bit of advice from her famous porn star aunt and that is that fame is fleeting and looks don’t last forever. So when Sunrise Adams makes money from being a porn star she turns around and invests it back into real estate. She even once took some time off from being a famous porn star to learn the real estate industry from the inside out, working as a mortgage broker.

Luckily for us, Sunrise Adams is back at work on the set of her latest adult film and only invests in real estate part-time. Although it’s not known how much real estate she has invested in, some have speculated that she has considerable holdings including both commercial and residential properties throughout Texas.