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Meggan Malone is of Cherokee and Irish-German descent, the 21-year-old brunette hails from Houston, Texas. A former high school cheerleader, Meggan Mallone also previously worked as a mainstream fashion model before becoming a porn star.

Meggan Mallone

During a visit to L.A., she posed for photographers Steven Hicks and Earl Miller and met agent John Stevens, who showed her photos to Vivid director B. Skow. Soon thereafter, the company offered her a contract. Meggan Mallone’s mother, a full-blooded Cherokee from Oklahoma, gave her the Indian name Moonstar.

Her father, who died when she was 18, instilled her with a strong work ethic and taught her to make her own decisions, she says. As a child, Meggan was a Girl Scout and attended church regularly. In addition to cheerleading in high school, she was on the swim team and in the French Club and worked on the student TV news channel as both a producer and on-air reporter.