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Jeanna Fine began her career as a porn star in 1986 and during that time she has performed in hundreds of movies under various names such as Devon Delight, Geanna Fine, Gina Fine, Angelique Gauthier, Vanna Paymore, Virginia Paymore, Angel Payson, and Angel Rush. From 1986 to 1989 Jeanna performed in about 50 movies before retiring. Her retirement didn’t last long, as she returned to the business in 1990 with a new darker hair color and much larger breasts. It was during this part of her career that she began to get noticed by the industry insiders and even won some awards, including several awards for best actress.

Jeanna Fine is best known for her dirty talking, deep throat blowjobs, and her penchant for rough anal sex and double penetrations, including spankings and hair-pulling. In her lesbian scenes, she is almost always the dominant partner. Jeanna Fine was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame in 1998. She is also in the X-Rated Critic’s Associations and Legends of Erotica Halls of Fame.