It started out as a fairly innocent fishing trip… a respite from the big city. But when Alex makes a wrong turn, her life turns inside out as she enters a twilight zone of sex the likes of which she’s never seen!

A good choice for couples. — AVN

Alex Taylor is a middle-class wifey who gets pushed around by both her hubby and her obnoxious Central American domestic.  After getting stranded in a strange part of town while dropping her maid at home, she ends up in a kinky nightclub, is befriended by a nurturing drag queen, and introduced to the wild side o’ life referred to by the title.

Part and parcel of said life are swank, decadent parties where people do appalling things like fuck on the couch and wear white loafers after Labor Day.  Chloe and Tony Tedeschi turn in one of two notable pairings here in just such a fashion, although the overall heat of their frenetic anal-inclusive bump session is lost through that most ubiquitous of editing blunders, the always ill-advised practice of cutting back and forth between two sex scenes.

The other notable romp here has Taylor knocking naughty bits with a greasy-furred party dude whose acquaintance she’s made whilst trotting ’round town with the mountainous and wonderfully appealed Vida De Vine.  Also worth a peek is Taylor’s Sapphic encounter with party girls Raylene and Charlie.


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