Temporary Positions

Temporary Positions

Office temp Janine has just started a new job at a software giant. The very first thing the boss wants is to merge with her until he discovers files are missing. Bytes, programs … but if a beautiful temp can use her wily, wicked ways to find a thief, who’s to stop her? The answer’s in the disk that’s stolen. You figure it out.

Despite the presence of A-list performers, this oh-too-tasteful outing about the corporate intrigues of a software manufacturer is a mostly sluggish takeover. Case in point is the opener with Tricia Devereaux and J.J. Michaels. While janitor Michaels seems to be doing some fun thins to Devereaux with his handy Hoover, it’s all done in the dark.

Two elements makeĀ TP stockable: Johnni Black’s scene with Kyle Stone and Vince Vouyer is truly incendiary. A raving sexualist and master of deep throat, Black takes on both men with great enthusiasm, especially when Stone’s giving her a doggie anal. Perhaps the sexist element of the film is software designer Stephanie Swift, who comes across as sweet and innocent and remarkably sexy. When Janine takes off Swift’s spectacles during the final production number, it’s va-va-va voom! — AVN

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