PJ is head-over-heels for a starlet named Nikki. But she’s more than a fan–she’s a fantasizing fanatic! Join Bud Lee and five of porn’s most beautiful starlets on a journey to a land of sexual obsession and passion gone awry. Where PJ’s heat is matched by Nikki’s fire. Where Kaitlyn matures as an actress–and a sexual performer. Where Tianna is her fiery self.

In many ways, Starlet works as an efficiently stirring sex feature despite its own obstacles; that being, in the main, a clever premise which nearly collapses under it’s own rickety construction.  — AVN

Consider this: P.J. Sparxx plays a reclusive actress who no longer gives interviews. Reporter/lover team Nikki Dial and Tony Tedeschi are out to crack P.J.’s resounding silence. P.J.’s bitter ex-manager (Nic Cream) coughs up a video of P.J. munching Tianna Taylor’s carpet, and like a mystery guest on What’s My Line, literally pulls Tianna out from the sidelines to confirm the truth.

The “truth” in question being that starlet P.J.’s been murdered — and replaced by a fan who’s been surgically altered to appear just like her! A pretty wild, if credibility-stretching concept.

Nic’s video reveals a fine girl/girl scene, particularly when P.J. climbs up Tianna’s mountainous tits and plants her furry flag on Tianna’s face like she’s on an Everest expedition. Contextually, however, the footage is supposed to be homemade, which brings up a nagging point: where’s the photographer during the tryst? (He/she certainly couldn’t have lensed those lip-smacking close-ups from the closet.)

A similar situation occurs while Nikki and Tony are ostensibly watching P.J.’s former husband (Jay Ashley) firing up Kaitlyn Ashley on the set of a porn shoot. Not a single crew member or camera is around to record the blistering event. This kind of inattention hurts any semblance of realism, but the content of the scene — with delectable Kaitlyn getting a full ass-reaming during a standing encounter — generates plenty of heat (and goodwill among forgiving critics).

Nikki, with those killer eyes, embodies both the nastiest and the romantic qualities of sex appeal in one dreamy package. Proof positive can be found in two contrasting scenes: A bedroom one-on-one with Tedeschi; replete with tender kissing and intimate missionary positioning; and a singeing poolside three-way with Sparxx and Brad Armstrong, where double blow jobs and doggie-slamming are order of the day.

Though the script ties up its loose ends with the internal resolve of a Congressional health reform package, Starlet is an eye-catching package that should move well with Nikki fans.

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