Spies In The House Of Love

Spies In The House Of Love

Vivid presents Spies In The House Of Love. It is a story of espionage in the bedroom where undercover maneuvers lead to tangled sheets and exciting busts. Directed by Toni English.

Fine-looking women and aggressive fucking hold a shabby plot together to make this an appealing and strong feature for singles and couples alike. The story revolves around the good ol’ tried-and-true theme of adultery. The opening scene cuts back and forth between two separate couples, who complain about their lack of sex life. In one it’s the girl who’s dissatisfied; in the other, the boy. Things are quickly remedied as the couples profess their undying love and lick each other silly to prove it, making for some hot footage early on.

The following day, the female in one couple and the male in the other leave for “work” and meet up at a bar. Little do they know (aha!) that their spouses have followed them there. A threeway is set up between the adulterous pair and a big-breasted beauty, so it’s back to the boudoir for some hot and loud action that includes more sucking and a double insertion with vibrators. The jilted spouses, spying in the yard, see and hear all and soothe their aching hearts with some adulterous action of their own. Revenge is sweet. The moral of the story appears to be, “Attract your spouse by gettin’ some of your own” – which may not play well in more conservative areas – but does give carte blanche for a second threeway at the end of the feature, so who cares. — Critical Rating: AAA 1/2 (AVN)

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