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Vivid Entertainment presents Sleepover. A dark comedy about three beauties and all those boys who teased them during summer camp. Gather around the fire and watch them pull a smore out of your pants.

The familiar bells and whistles from Vivid are here, but they are familiar by now: Your regular Vivid customers have seen them, and even if they like them, they have them already. Multi-angle coverage of sex scenes is hit-and-miss, with intermittent multi-angle coverage and occasional alternate shots offered as alternate angles. Check the March ’98 issue for details on the content.

The box, as usual, shows the entire Vivid Girl contingent, but of the group only Kobe Tai is in the main feature this time. Cast features Stephanie Swift, Alexandra Silk and Kelly Jean. The Vivid Girl stable is featured in the bios and clips, though. — Critical Rating: AAA 1/2 (AVN)

The basic premise of this movie remains pretty much a mystery until the end – which would have been fine, if it had been tied altogether better.

Kobe Tai and Alexandra Silk are on their way to a sleep-over in the country when their truck breaks down. They ask for help from St. Croix, Dough and Stone, who agree to repair the truck. Through the course of the film, they have sex with each of the men, and – as payback for something that happened to each of the women earlier in their lives – take their misplaced vengeance out on the guys. It’s your basic revenge movie, with a little sex involved.

If one is going to spend the money it takes to shoot on film, and to acquire the caliber of actors and actresses that you have here, you’d think one would put more effort into getting a better story. Someone sitting next to me while I watched Sleepover said it all: “I thought a Vivid movie would be better.” The whole thing was basically fluff. The first scene, with Kobe Tai and Vince Vouyer, was a standard throwaway sex scene which did nothing to advance the movie. And really, none of the sex, with the exception of Kelly Jean and Kyle Stone’s coupling, showed any real animal heat. Kyle is certainly the exception to the rule here – he gives the impression that he’s a real man doing the real thing – but the rest of the movie doesn’t measure up.

The cinematography is adequate, the sound is good, and the editing is above average. The problem I had with the photography was that the cameraman seemed to be afraid to get near the dick and the pussy. Every cum shot must have been filmed from about twenty feet – you couldn’t tell if the guy was cummin’ or not. So I can’t even say the movie was sex-driven.

Hey, I know we’re all working for a living, but I think a man’s job is to evoke some response from a woman and to get her to reveal something of herself on film. If she’s a nasty whore and she’s hiding it, let us know. These girls are just doing what they do. There’s got to be heat for the woman to react to it. If it’s not there, you’ve got to create it. Find out what she likes and give it to her.

These are the kinds of actors who don’t really need direction; they are capable of pretty much saying the words and getting away with it. I think the story lacked any kind of direction or heat, and I think that affected the whole production.

My feeling has always been: If I’m going to watch a movie from Vivid, I’m going to watch a Paul Thomas movie. Sleepover didn’t change my mind.

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