Vivid presents Rapunzel. Paul Thomas retells the classic story of a girl, a castle, a prince, and a very happy ending. Rapunzel… go ahead. Make a wish upon a star.

With impressive production values, wry humor, and a fine cast, Paul Thomas has done a nice job of reinventing Rapunzel for the couples porn set. From Gwen Summers as a sexy Mother Goose to Dayton’s performance as a na├»ve Rapunzel (“a girl having a bad hair life”), the cast has fun with the silly script and pulls off a watchable sex comedy.

The story begins with upper middle-class peasant couple Heather Lyn and Nick Manning. While Lyn bathes, frustrated Manning pleads for sex (“My member palpitates for the joys of your naughty bits”) to no avail. So, he smokes some “magic herb” and decides to win his wife’s favor by stealing some potent radishes from his neighbor’s garden. The ploy works, resulting in a fair boy/girl scene, but when Manning returns to the garden for a second helping, he runs afoul of Blair the Witch (Nikita Denise, in a nom-worthy performance). She demands his first-born child, and the cowardly Manning agrees. Eighteen years later, Rapunzel is imprisoned in her fabled tower and taking lesbian love lessons from the witch in a fine girl/girl scene. It’s up to Prince Hardly (Eric Masterson) and his sidekick (Pat Myne) to teach the imprisoned beauty about the joys of cock. Eventually, the Prince climbs her golden hair and makes a slut of her as the Hollywood sign looms in the background. The wacky plot allows for still more sex scenes, and rest assured, we get a happy ending. — AVN

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