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Racquel Darrian is one of the biggest porn stars of the 1990s. Her massive success was quite a testament to her beauty and volcanic on-screen sexuality. Racquel has spent most of her career as a Vivid girl, starring in only big-budget, top-notch productions.

Born in Kansas but raised in California, Racquel Darrian was involved in nude modeling before moving on to hardcore movies. Racquel is married to porn stud Derrick Lane and for years would only perform on camera with him or in girl/girl scenes. Luckily for us, that changed and her career took off.

As one of the most alluring women in the world, her popularity is no accident. Racquel works out constantly to keep her body in top shape which enhanced her on-screen performances … as Racquel always gives us scorchingly, sexy trysts full of bouncing and panting gymnastics.

Racquel lost her contract with Vivid a few years ago for an unknown reason. In fact, Vivid dropped her contract right in the middle of making a movie that would never be released. There are many rumors circulating in regards to this … some say it was drug abuse, yet others say it was because Racquel refused to compromise her morals when it came to making only high-quality porn. All we know for sure is that Racquel has yet to make another movie since and that’s been years. For now, Racquel spends her time with her family and doing an occasional appearance. But the good news is, there has been so much Racquel footage shot over the years, movie companies will be releasing the best of compilation titles for years to come. Perhaps one day they will even release the footage Racquel shot during the end of her last Vivid contract.

It is said that Racquel during her hay day, was one of the highest-paid porn stars of all time, allegedly bringing in more than a million a year between her movies and dance tour. What we do know for sure is that Racquel fans still love and crave her movies. Some of her best-selling titles include Racquel Released, Original Sin, and Deep Inside Racquel.