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At one time she was a big named porn star, then a penthouse pet … then it all came crashing down on her … but now she’s working her way back to the top. Born March 28, 1977, in Daytona Beach, Florida, Devon actually grew up in New Jersey. At the age of 18, she was working as a stripper and knew that she had to do something drastic or that things would never get better for her. Devon ending up working at Al’s Diamond Cabaret in Reading, PA. Not exactly the most glamorous job but it did expose Devon to the world of adult films because many porn stars would appear live at Al’s and she made her first movie with a low-budget porn company called Pleasure productions. The movie was really bad … it was called New Breed (at this time using the name Devin Striker) and by the time they got done with all the editing, Devon wasn’t happy with the results.

Luckily Devon wasn’t ready to give up just yet. She had heard that an executive from Vivid Entertainment was in town and did whatever it took to get an introduction. After working her magic Devon got her to wish and had a brief but important introduction to Howard. This long-time Vivid executive (who had seen quite a bit in his time) quickly seen potential in this blonde little girl, with the big innocent eyes and actually agreed to sign her. It was just after he returned back to his office he found that Devon had previously made a movie and there was some unreleased footage along with some photos. Vivid quickly bought up the rights to this unreleased footage and the images. Vivid did get the images and last of the video footage of which was later made into a movie and a few thousands of copies were made of which was released by Vivid exclusively through (It was called Devon Before She Was Famous).

Devon’s first feature film for Vivid was Country Comfort which was released in late 1998 and still continues to be one of Devon’s best-selling films. After a few years, things with Devon and Vivid went bad but just before her departure from Vivid they were able to help her get picked as the Penthouse Pet of the Month for the January 2001 issue. For a while, it seems this young starlets star was shining just too bright and she was going to burn out … but luckily things changed. One day Devon was looking for a company to help her with her official website and called a company she once did a DVD for called Digital Playground. They not only took over her site but later arranged for her to star in a movie. When Devon Stripped was released nobody thought it would do well but it seems Devon dropped some weight that she had gained over the last two years and looked fabulous. With Devon in this movie was porn legend Ginger Lynn, which also helped to make this movie a huge sales success. After Devon Stripped went so well Digital Playground finally agreed to sign Devon to a contract and her next movie was the biggest hit of Devon’s career winning her multiple award nominations including best actress.

This movie was called Rush and even starred Devon’s (then) real-life husband Barrett Blade, which was his first attempt at making adult movies.