Vivid presents Nurses. ICU … NAKED. Marvin was crazy about nurses and Nurse Tang was just what the doctor ordered. Nursin’ a boner? We thought so.

This sexy, kinky film should appeal to nurse fanciers and those who like their smut with a storyline. — AVN

Marvin has a problem. He likes nurses. No, he really likes nurses. Enough to pretend to be a doctor so he can be around them and give them intimate pelvic exams with his penis. When he finally gets caught he’s given a choice: Go to jail or earn $5,000 while undergoing treatment from a crazed headshrinker with some questionable professional ethics. Fortunately, our little pervert meets a real-life nurse who tends to him during and after his treatment.

Although you won’t remember seeing this many foxy nurses wearing their skirts this short or their heels this high, you’ll wish you could. There’s plenty of sexy nurse action and kinky situations before, during, and after the Clockwork Orange-inspired treatment scenes, and all performers do a great job of acting and inspiring lust in their viewers. A sexy, intelligent, and attractive viewing option worth watching.

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