Diablo is a decadent recluse whose days are filled with loneliness and longing for the woman he cannot have. By night he becomes a man possessed, a sexual deviant who satisfies a torrent of eroticism by luring unsuspecting beauties to his castle in the sky.

Finally, with the help of his accomplices, the personage of Diablo’s twisted affection appears one fateful night. He is afraid she will see his dark side and never return. But she sees it and loves him more for it. This is the story of the night that brought them together. The night… and the fate.

This ambitious, moody work opens with a wealthy Steven St. Croix grieving in his sleep over his dead wife to the sounds of chamber music. After being awakened in a fright, the condomized St. Croix is stirred by Nici Sterling in an attractive anal sequence. After brooding while pals Jill Kelly and Richie Razor cut it up on the dinner table, St. Croix meets Christy Canyon at a sumptuous soiree. She is promptly seduced by Kelly in a delightfully dazzling display of deep kissing (7 minutes alone!) and nomination-worthy mouth-to-mound resuscitation. While most of the guests do the orgy thang, Canyon sizzles on St. Croix’s tubesteak, her wobbling natural wonders a reminder of why true XXX fans detest silicone.

Brief moments of tinny sound and blurry facial closeups show why the costumed saga subgenre is better suited for 35mm. A blooper reel at the end detracts from the show’s sensual sobriety. But retailers will hear their cash registers echo loudly from this grand Canyon triumph. — Critical Rating: AAA 1/2 (AVN)

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