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Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice Guys Finish Last

A dark, lonely highway. A mysterious stranger. And a brush with death. It’s all part of the transformation of Raylene, in award-winning director Ren Savant’s latest… a road trip and a mind trip… all in one.

Raylene fans will love this movie. — Critical Rating: AAA 1/2 (AVN)

Starts with the sounds of a fight and Raylene running to a road where he flags down Vince Vouyer, who picks her up in his van. She was in an accident, she tells him, or she was raped, and quit looking at me like that. Then she flashes back to when she had a “healing” fling with Chennin Blanc, which we see starting in very-grainy video as if it’s coming in from Mars before straightening itself out. After their g/g tryst, Chennin meets up with Cheyne Collins because she wants somebody to talk to, and winds up doing more than talking.

Meanwhile, back in real-time, or something, Raylene asks Vouyer to drive her home. When Vouyer stops for gas, he finds Blair behind the counter, in need of a fill-up herself, while Raylene sees Erik Everhard tending some cuts in the bathroom. She gives him something else to tend. After their intercut two-sex-scene R&R break, they get back on the road. Sometime after sunup, when a tire goes flat, Raylene takes charge, telling Vouyer “fix it later” and fucking him until it sounds like she’s in pain. She brightens up after that, especially when her boyfriend Kyle Stone shows up, pulls a gun, and takes off with her in Vouyer’s van after a quick dialogue exchange that tries to establish that all this was planned all along.

This vid, which has been sitting on Vivid’s shelf since it was shot in 1999, is plagued with careless production problems like camera shadows intruding in frame, audible direction, and poor editing, including looping of footage, rushed transitions in sex scenes, and one pop-shot barely salvaged by stutter editing. Raylene’s presence in three scenes, however, pushes it to the front of the line.


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