Kira Kener is Moxie. She’s an accident waiting to happen. Today should be the best day of John’s life. He’s about to get married. But, as fate would have it, his fiancé has a car accident, and during her coma, John comes to a realization that will change his life forever.

A twisty plot and good sex make this one a good pick for couples. — Critical Rating: AAAA (AVN)

In a hospital, lying on a cot is Cheyne Collins. Nurse Taylor St. Claire walks in and tells him he can’t smoke, so he sits up – showing off the blood on his tuxedo shirt – and mashes the cigarette to the floor. “I just got married today,” he tells her. She says nothing. “You couldn’t care less, could you?” A flash of light goes by and St. Claire shows him just how much the news affected her by tearing off his shirt and lifting her uniform so Collins can have easier access to her pussy. With the heart monitor beeping away in the background, St. Claire drops to her knees to gobble Collins’ knob, which he then jams in her hairless cunt, and later, pushes into her ass. Another flash of light and Collins is in his tuxedo, St. Claire in her uniform as if nothing had ever happened.

Collins takes his smoking outside and flashes back to better times when his then-girlfriend-soon-to-be-fiancée Kira Kener announces she’s preggers. He proposes, she accepts, and they celebrate by doing the deed that got the bun in her oven in the first place, resulting in a sizzling romp. When he comes out of the daydream, he’s joined by Tyce Buné, who helps us with some background: seems Kener was in a car accident, and Buné’s wife is having a baby. When Collins declines his offer for a drink, Buné presses, threatening bodily harm.

Cut to the two sitting at a bar, with Buné getting a good giggle out of the Chennin Blanc/Renee La Rue g/g showing on the TV behind the counter. Even the cheesy bow-chicka-bow-wow music playing in the background doesn’t diminish their heat, but the constant cutting back to the bar does a bit. Why would you want to interrupt such great strap-on action?

As the scene draws to a close, Buné makes noises about getting something to eat and slips the bartender some cash. The bartender leads Buné and Collins downstairs, and much to Collins’ horror, Buné has plans to get himself laid with the lady behind the door that the bartender opens to him. And while Buné has a grand old time going down on the lass, and she suckling his cock before they share a ferocious fuck, there’s just one problem – the girl is Kener.


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