Motel Blue

Motel Blue

There’s a body in the laundry and a fox behind the counter. It is hotel porn, Vivid style. Check-in time is now. When you check out is anyone’s guess.

This establishment is so full of peepholes, they should’ve called it Motel Swiss Cheese. Kobe plays a benign version of Norman Bates, spending her copious free time running from one hidden vantage point to another, catching her low-rent clientele sifting through their stolen property, making amateur sex vids, and generally boning like it’s the night before the Second Coming…

Or at least pretending to. There’s plenty of moans ‘n’ groans, but not much in the way of incendiary chemistry under the Blue Motel roof. Whatever steam there was in the Joel Lawrence/Timber encounter is destroyed by breaking up the editing rhythm with a cutaway dialogue scene. Kobe fares a little better with Deva Station, but in a threeway with Wallice and Lexi, it’s Lexi who receives the lion’s share of the attention.

Parfait, a talented director of photography, captures most of the action without resorting to explicit close-ups – which is fine for cable, but in hardcore, it’s a lethal mistake. — AVN

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