Vivid presents Taylor Hayes in Life. For two hours have the time of your life. It is not what you make of it…it is who you make it with.

Another great vehicle for Taylor Hayes to strut her slutty stuff. — Critical Rating: AAAA (AVN)

Boy, with a potentially heavy, all-encompassing title like Life, you’d think this Vivid video would be a deeply emotional journey filled with drama, spiritual awakening, and emotional journeys.

Thankfully it’s not (despite the attempts of director Cleo Edwards). Instead, Life is a Taylor Hayes vehicle that displays her greatest talents: her hard body, gorgeous face, and ability to fuck and suck like the world will end if she stops even for a second.

So while the drama might fall a bit flat, the sex is hot as all hell, thanks in no small part to Hayes and her appetite for sexual destruction. After demanding husband, Mickey G, smear egg yolk on his cock and jerk off on the floor, she has an affair with Anton Michael in his office that begins with head in the bathroom stall and ends with a desktop doggie fuck.

In Hayes’ next scene she gets plugged from behind by a young hoodlum while G is forced to watch at gunpoint. Not one to be scared off by the sight of a mere pistol, she enjoys every second of this unexpected coupling and even lets his partner jack off on her tits. What a girl!

Our girl then stumbles onto an orgy involving Skye, April, and four lucky studs and watches with glee as these chicks swap cocks, sucking and fucking man upon man tag team-style. Unfortunately, she does not participate, but the scene is hot nonetheless, with all four guys jerking off on their asses one by one as the finale.

On her way out she picks up freaked-out homeless girl Cherie and takes her home for a splendid g/g in her bathroom. They finger each other and lick labia before Hayes masturbates as Cherie showers. The horny pair then head to the bedroom to scour snatch and plug holes. Dildos are employed, as is a healthy penchant for dirty talk.

Though much of the acting and drama does not ring true by Hollywood standards, Hayes delivers a solid acting job as always, every bit as good as any of those creeps on the daytime soaps.

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