Layered…an erotic excursion in another reality. A picture within a picture, a movie within a movie, a cast of characters who are never quite who you think they are. Watch…as the layers unfold.

A great video for Heather’s large fan following. — Critical Rating: AAAA (AVN)

Mainstream film buffs are doubtlessly aware of the award-winning featurette called To The Power of Ten. It begins with a blade of grass, and continues to zoom back exponentially… past houses and cities, past the Earth, revealing the edge of the solar system. Imagine the porno equivalent, and you have an idea of where Layered is at. It is, in fact, an ideal aesthetic solution to linking a number of hot yet unrelated scenes together without resorting to corny dialogue or narration.

For example, the final shot — a solo masturbation with Heather — pulls back to reveal Dave Hardman on the roof of his apartment, where he’s spying on her via telescope. After he fucks his girlfriend, the shot pulls back further to reveal that it’s a rooftop painting on an artist’s canvas. The artist and a girlfriend do each other as the shot zooms back to show Nick East and partner watching the girls on a stage. Nick gives his gal a poke in the butt and the shot continues…

As to the sexual particulars — the scenes are just shy of awards-worthiness, but as always, a Heather Hunter scene is eminently watchable. An intense clutch with Tom Byron is equally as arousing as a threeway featuring Mark Davis. The Nick East tryst includes some decent anal penetration.

(Note: a special nod to the editing, which incorporates the subtle “pullback” effects.)

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