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Kobe’s Tie

Kobe’s Tie

Vivid presents Kobe’s Tie. Directed by Toni English. She dropped her tie. He picked it up. Now he has to make love to the neck it came from. Your basic man meets tie story? Not hardly…

In the middle of a party, Dakota and Marc Wallice peel each other’s clothes off and fuck, right there in the middle of the room. Kobe Tai can’t believe her eyes. Another shocking development: a few minutes later she catches her boyfriend fucking Maya Chavez. You see, Kobe’s necktie has sexual powers; characters get anywhere near it and suddenly it’s naked lunch time. — Critical Rating: AAA (AVN)

Here’s the real reason this video is above average: Mark Davis, a.k.a. Chemistry Man. Brook Ashley can’t spread her ass wide enough for more D and she can’t stop crying, “Yes.” Ditto for Kobe: She deep throats the uncut suave guy a few times, comes up for air gasping, gritting her teeth. When the two go toe-to-toe and pound, she is 100% pleasure toast.

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