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John Friendly’s Big and Small 3

John Friendly’s Big and Small 3

Girls from across the land are flocking to John Friendly’s set to get a taste of some big dick. Big anals and facials on a global scale!!!

Assembly-line sex for people who want their raunch straight, no chaser. — Critical Rating: AAA (AVN)

Big cocks and big tits meet in a series of by-the-numbers, merely competently edited fuck scenes. The girls go for the gold, but most of the guys are as animated as cigar store Indians as they silently watch their partners’ lipsticked mouths slide up and down their gargantuan shafts. Adrift in this sea of blonde talent, dark-skinned Ebony has a few good moments in her anal turn, but for the most part it’s the cum-spurting equivalent of an exercise video, a completely predictable presentation of standard fare. No surprises. The camera lingers lovingly on the jiggling boobs from every conceivable angle, but after the fourth time of watching the same choreography with a new face, the cumulative effect on the viewer is little more than boring.

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