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Jeckyl and Hyde

Jeckyl and Hyde

Vivid presents Jeckyl and Hyde. Dr. Jeckyl’s daughter is home to investigate her father’s death. But instead of finding the killer, the killer finds a monster in the bedroom.

Jekyll and Hyde is the story of Dr. Jekyll’s daughter, played by Taylor Hayes, who’s investigating the death of her father. It’s obvious why it received an Editor’s Choice: the set and costume design are extraordinary, as are the videography, direction and, of course, the hot sex. — AVN

Taylor looks sexy on the box and the contents to match are inside. Taylor Hayes fans will be thrilled.

Elegantly shot and eloquently told, this sexual take on the Jekyll and Hyde legend provides now-retired Taylor Hayes with the juiciest role of her career. That she’s up to the task sexually is no surprise, but her acting skills are immense as she plays the ravenous daughter of Jekyll and Hyde as pure tragedy.

Hayes wants to research the reason for her father’s untimely death, while his only remaining servant, Julian, falls in love with her. Once she drinks her father’s potion, she turns into, well… that’s obvious. During her inquiry, she learns that her father was a sex freak and murderer; and her continued use of the potion turns her into a nasty sexual predator who prowls the streets of Budapest looking for victims.

Filmed on location in Budapest, Jekyll and Hyde boasts spectacular scenery and fine production value. That Thomas chooses to film this horror tale in a dark and moody way is risky, yet it works on all levels, with a fine script that melds the sex into the story excellent cinematography and editing and fabulous art direction, costumes, and make-up.

Of the seven sex scenes, three involve the always-magnificent Hayes. Though her vigorous scene with Julian isn’t her greatest, it does cap the love story in a satisfying way. Her alley threeway (as Hyde) with Bobby Vitale and Ian Daniel fares much better and gets a pre-nom for Best Group Scene—Film. In a kinky scene with Frank Gun (“I like to be flogged like disobedience,” whatever that means), Taylor whips his ass to redness, but surprisingly, the sex comes off lame.

Some of the orgiastic kink does stimulate, as in the second scene, with an orgy rife with fucking (anal and vaginal), sucking, spanking and ropes. And Mr. Hyde’s two scenes (an excellent, pre-nom performance by Mike Foster), one with a prostitute who blows him and then lets him fuck her anally and another who also submits southside before he kills her, are very hot and help propel the plot.

Nominations should abound in almost every category for Thomas’ latest epic, one of the most ambitious adult films in recent years.


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