Highway 2

Highway 2

Vivid presents Dasha in Highway 2. Dasha and Herman are headed to Mexico to escape the prying eyes of the world. Together they’re as bad as they wanna be and if you know Dasha, you know she wants to be bad!

This one captivated me from the first credit: “A David Stanley Flick.” Told me two things right off the bat. (1) Doesn’t take itself all that seriously. (2) David Stanley. – AVN

Like Michael Zen’s Stardust series of a few years back, Vivid has given the reins to David Stanley to make a series. This one involves Dillion Day and Dascha as a Bonnie and Clyde-like couple on the run, committing robberies and keeping out of the way of the law. Dave Cummings is Dasha’s father or stepfather or something, and also governor of the state where this is taking place. In this edition, he casually sends agents John Decker and Lola on a mission: “I want you to find ’em, and I want you to kill ’em. Coffee?”

Dillion and Dascha are unaware of all this as they steal an RV, also not knowing that Devin Wolf and Temptress are trysting in the RV’s back bedroom. They’re fans of the renegade couple and are honored to be taken for the ride. Turns out Devin even has a rich dad with a safe full of cash.

Stanley’s art – as a writer and director – shows itself in a couple of scenes that seem to be about one thing, then take a quick left turn and go elsewhere entirely, to the surprise and delight of the viewer. Nice transitions from scene to scene as well, tying the whole film together. Sex scenes are well-covered, with beautiful pictures by Ralph Parfait, so what else is new.

Day is a standout as a hard-bitten casual hood and Dascha holds her own as his maybe-psychotic moll.

The ending, with Wolf’s dad looking at an emptied safe and vowing revenge on the robbers, sets up a third edition nicely. I’m looking forward to it.

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