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Heat of the Moon

Heat of the Moon

Vivid presents Heat of the Moon. Was it the heat or was it the spell? She was a plain girl with a fancy imagination. Until her boss casts a spell that makes Julia’s conscious as wild as her subconscious.

Slight but well-written story about mousy virginal bookkeeper Julia Ann who blossoms under a voodoo spell cast by juju mama Dolores Sullivan (pre-nom, Non-Sex Performance) at the behest of co-workers Chloe and T.J. Hart, who don’t like her much. — AVN

Already troubled by sexy dreams, the spell leads Julia Ann to first imagine herself ravaged by Tony Tedeschi and Hart, then to lose the glasses, put on some make-up, and go to work in a black dress instead of her usual business suit. When she goes out that night and does Bobby Vitale and Julian on the dance floor of a club, she freaks out and confronts Chloe and Hart, demanding to know what’s going on. She then sees Sullivan herself. Sullivan tells her that there was no spell, that it was just stupid people asking for stupid things, and she was happy to take Chloe’s money. She then gives her another potion, saying “It’ll make you feel better. $20, please.”

Older, wiser, and fortified by a $20 glass of milk, Julia Ann heads home and undresses for bed. She slips between the sheets, nude, and turns out the lights. The end. But the movie continues, and we see her get up, walk across the room, chuck the glasses into a wastebasket, and slip into a pair of sexy panties before getting back into bed. Maybe it wasn’t a totally bad experience after all.

Acting is inconsistent, with people with acting ability thrown in with people without in a sink-or-swim sort of way. Evan Stone (billed) and Tina Tyler (unbilled) are only seen in the background of the dance floor scene. Pre-nom for Tony English’s script.

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