Some places are perfect for a romantic getaway…but you won’t be able to get away from Vivid’s ghostly weekend and neither will the sex-crazed tourists in Tommy Grimes’ Haunted.

Aside from some adultery and mild jealousy rearing their heads in this feature, this easy-on-the-eyes film makes it a good recommendation for couples viewing. — AAA 1/2 (AVN)

Two couples vacation in a gorgeous mansion and discover that the place is haunted. But don’t worry; the ghosts are even friendlier than Casper. The action is mostly hetero with one girl-girl. For slight raunch factor, there’s a poundingly hot sex scene in the men’s toilet of a gas station, but that’s the cleanest damn gas station bathroom ever – unreal! The acting is fine, the production values are very high, and the bodies are beautiful to watch.

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