Gloves Off

Gloves Off

Alyssa’s a trash-talking tomboy with a secret. Tommy is the man who loves her. But if he finds out Alyssa used to be a Vivid Girl, it could ruin everything. What’s a kick-ass kickboxer to do? Here’s a hint: When the gloves come off, so do the clothes! Make your bets on what happens next!

The problem is, not only is Taya living a lie, but her best friend (gorgeous Ava Vincent) is out to get her. It seems Ava has promised to deliver Taya to her own boyfriend (Cheyne Collins) on a silver platter and therefore she wants to get Masterson out of the picture.

As Taya fantasizes about watching Masterson fuck Michelle Michaels, Ava, and her foot fetishist boyfriend plot her seduction. Taya gets wise to their plot when she stumbles onto one of her own pornos in the VCR and is accosted by Collins, who demands she jack him off with her feet or he’ll reveal her secret to her fiancĂ©e. He ends up getting full-blown intercourse, as Taya works her black magic on him via doggie-style and missionary.

But when Taya finds out that Ava has been plotting against her all this time she hacks them both up with a chainsaw and she and Masterson live happily ever after! Well, until he discovers one of her pornos and she discovers he is a perv! Yikes! All that murder for nothin’!


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