Gettin’ Lucky

Gettin’ Lucky

Tia’s tough, street wise and lust savvy. She’s Jersey all the way, and an escort all night. When her agency sends her out to impersonate an important client’s wife, all hell breaks loose, and all clothes come off. Hey…that’s life on the Jersey side…

It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose, it’s how you play the girl. Tia’s a tough, streetwise, and lust-savvy tart. She’s Jersey all the way and an escort all the night. When her agency sends her out to impersonate a key client’s wife all hell breaks lose. And all clothes come off.  — AAA (AVN)

A basically boring feature gets the royal treatment from Vivid. With most of the extras tucked away on the B side of the disc, Gettin’Lucky has a consistently high bit rate, and as a result, is one of the better digital transfers we’ve seen from Vivid in some time.

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