Chauffeur’s Daughter

Chauffeur’s Daughter

In the aristocratic Oddy-Pittman home, nothing is quite normal. Lanny, for one, is the daughter of the family’s chauffeur, who’s been in love with Tony Oddy-Pittman for as long as she can remember. Since she’s totally beautiful and completely hot, Tony is very much back in love with her…after some time apart. But on the way to the finest finishing school in France, Lanny discovers something about Tony that not even Paris can make her forget. Paul Thomas, adult’s most awarded director, brings you a “dramadey” on two continents, starring the most amazing girl on either … Lanny … in five incredible scenes! Paul Thomas’ Chauffeur’s Daughter … a new classic is born.

Chauffeur’s Daughter is a movie that pays homage to the classic “Sabrina” … that is, if Sabrina were to get buck-ass naked and go full-on hardcore.

Shot on location in France and the U.S., the movie is a romantic “dramedy” in which Lanny Barby’s character falls for the son of an aristocratic family. The movie includes 11 sex scenes, five of them featuring Barby.

This movie has the most Lanny Barby scenes ever packed into one release. She does 3 boy/girl scenes, 2 boy/boy/girls, a girl/girl, and a solo routine. Her fans will go nuts for it!

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