Bad Wives 2

Bad Wives 2

Vivid presents Bad Wives 2. Paul Thomas’ famed attack on Suburbia is back! But the girls are sprung from jail and hell’s about to break loose! Look out. The wives have a brand new advisor: Satan!

Now it may surprise some of you to see me critique a feature movie, but I watch a lot of them, and if ever a movie I saw deserved a top rating, Bad Wives 2 is it. — AVN

Paul Thomas makes the kinds of movies I intended to when I came into the business. But I gave up on that goal after years of frustration, throwing in the towel after directing two weeks straight in Costa Rica. Too damn much work, with too damn many people turning in listless sex scenes, and not enough sleep for anyone. So much the better for the world I think, because that clears the deck for P.T. to do what he, and a select few others, do best, which is to make well-crafted adult movies that are hot and nasty, and have a broad appeal.

After my third viewing of Bad Wives 2, I decided to call to P.T. to get some insight on it, and find out what I missed. It turns out it was a lot. For starters, this is the middle story of a trilogy on the corruption of humankind by the devil. I also learned more about the making of the movie and the characters. I know how much effort it took by P.T., his excellent cast and crew, what with 28 individual scene set-ups in 10 days. That’s a lot of fucking work. It shows here though with a really great movie that has some super hot sex.

The movie is a showcase for the talents of Raylene and April, cast as convicts incarcerated for the attempted murders of their husbands, John Decker and Alec Metro. Randy Spears plays the very menacing devil, who corrupts and ultimately destroys Kylie Ireland and emotionally tortures Raylene with the goal of capturing her soul. Randy did a great job at pulling off a really tough character, incorporating a sense of humor, but with enough menace to let us know that he could create major mayhem if provoked. It’s rare that P.T. lets give an actor free reign because there’s very little time for character development, and most of the talent in our industry isn’t capable anyway and would overact if allowed to. But Randy is the exception to the rule, so P.T. let him play it his way, and Randy repaid him by turning in a truly great performance.

I’m really oversimplifying here but in the original Bad Wives, the devil infiltrates Middle American suburbia and destroys two families. In part two, having separated the two women from their husbands, the devil takes over their souls, to use them for his ultimate goal, turning good into evil, and purity into filth. Now that’s a story I can get a grip on.

Raylene has been in several movies for P.T., and shared the best actress award for him last year. At the time of this shooting, she and P.T. felt they hadn’t quite nailed her character, but in the end, she pulled it off beautifully: subtle and unforced, yet the embodiment of a tortured and emotionally battered woman.

April’s performance really amazed P.T. – and me – embodying the role of a woman who is entranced by the devil, acting like she has no will of her own; an extension of the devil who took joy in being his puppet. She’s also one hot fuck.

Decker and Metro brought a lot to the plate here in their roles as the husbands. Now they too have been corrupted, fucking and demeaning anything that comes their way.

Kylie brought her Irish wholesomeness and pure soul, only to be brought down to a tragic end. She also turns in a great ass-fucking scene with Herschel Savage and another stud.

It’s obvious that the entire crew is highly skilled, from the writing of Dean Nash, to the original score by Miles Long and Tommy Ganz, the wardrobe by Denra Nighte, and the makeup by Lane Brush. What really makes the movie look so good of course is the great cinematography of Ralph Parfait, and the lighting of Jim Fillmore. But what makes this production really rock is the creative editing by Ganz, with special FX help by Sonny Malone. Putting it all together, of course, is P.T.

The show starts with an insightful voice-over from Raylene, who’s now in prison, asking, “How did I end up here?” and then she goes on to proclaim, “Women are bad – really bad. You don’t know.”

I do, Raylene. Case hardened by 10 years in the porn business, I can attest to that, sister.

The movie immediately jumps into gear with an eight-girl shower room scene that includes some good ass-plowing on Raylene with a mean-looking dildo. Another highlight of the movie is the scene shot right on a bowling alley lane with Decker and Ava Vincent.

P.T. told me that having the luxury of time and budget, you also have a responsibility to use the set ups to tell the story. I know how tight the time can be, even with a great budget, and P.T. obviously wrung out every penny.

Another great scene is Raylene in a fantasy courtroom, making good use of a large dildo. She’s there to try to save her soul and goes up against Randy as the judge, jury, and prosecutor. If Raylene loses, the Devil takes her soul. It was really weird to see all the Jurors as Randy Spears, and that was one cool special effect. They then do a really scorching scene together.

The highlight scene of the movie for me was the orgy scene where we get some serious cock sucking and ass-fucking. The scene even has Eric Price as a priest joining in the action. Good stuff. Raylene and April get fucked from every angle, and Ryan Conner takes a great ass pounding from Bobby Vitale. It’s tough to shoot orgies, but P.T. really focused in on the hot stuff that really matters.

May I suggest pre-noms for Best Director, Best Editing, Best Actor and Actress (Spears and Raylene), along with best supporting actress for April. Also Best Music as well. As far as scenes go, I think the orgy scene in the mansion has got to qualify for Best Group scene as well. And a best All-Girl scene pre-nom for the jail cell scene, where Ryan morphs into the Devil and then back again.

It’s obvious Paul Thomas is at the top of his game, and I look forward to seeing the final edition of this trilogy.

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