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Janine gets hit on the head and loses her memory. And the world tries to take advantage of it. The question is: When one is asked to do something against one’s will, does the memory come back … or do the inhibitions go?

A glance at the cast list indicates about how long ago this Janine vehicle was made – just about the time, one might suspect, that Janine & Vince Neil – Hardcore & Uncensored, featuring Janine’s only public boy/girl hardcore action, was hitting the top of the sales/rental charts. — AVN

So it might seem logical to put together a story that has Janine getting amnesia after a mugging, and sleazy agent Herschel Savage setting her up to do a boy/girl scene in a video, even though she told him beforehand that she wouldn’t.

But that plot’s saved for the end of this feature. First, The Hersch diddles housemaid Dee in the opener, tickling her tits with her duster as he plows her, horsie style, after some hot 69 and reverse cowgirl action. Then, Janine (1) gets examined (briefly) by Dr. Randi Rage, including some speculum insertion; (2) gets to watch Alyssa Love’s performance art (which isn’t too bad) before some mutual dildoing and vibing to the soundtrack from Zardoz; and finally (3) engages in mouth-to-clit stimulation with Dominatrix Chandler.

The sexual finale takes place on a porn set, with Derrick Lane performing 69 with Timber, leading to some cowgirl and anal doggie action; but the scene’s heat is severely reduced by the distracting inclusion of “behind-the-scenes-of-a-porn-set” footage.

Needless to say, Janine comes to her senses at the last moment and never does do her boy/girl scene – but we would have expected a more creative finale than the simple fade-out once that’s been established. Oh, well….

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