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A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned

It happened at a swingers party. A girl with a body to die for…and you guessed it, a dead man. Who did it? The host? The divorcee? Angry twister players? Only Lexus knows for sure.

Steer orgy fans in the direction of this one. — Critical Rating: AAA (AVN)

Given that the bulk of this feature’s running time is devoted to a lengthy orgy (and most of the remaining scenes to a police interrogation), one would be hard-pressed to say which angle is more effective. (Generally speaking, we at AVN prefer a finely tuned cross-examination to your typical sloppy orgy.)

The fucking free-for-all in question is a swingers’ party, where Lexus goes to unwind with her somewhat unwilling hubby (Derrick Lane) in tow. After she chows down and sits on the collective manhood of various strangers, jealousy rears its ugly head. More specifically: Lane finds himself in the hoosegow when Lexus disappears, and the evidence of foul play leads back to him.

The orgy, and satellite encounters that surround it, are all by-the-book material – although a few breached bungholes liven it up a bit when the action begins to lag. Atmospheric videography is a plus.



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