33 Girl Jam

33 Girl Jam

Vivid Raw and Players Magazine present 33 Girl Jam! The all-black 33 girl orgy. It is always ladies’ night at LeClub 33, the nightspot for your g-spot. And at the Sisterhood Ball, the keyword is ball … as sister takes sister in a wild 33 girl orgy!

A bar full of beautiful ladies watching a strip show is as good a setup as any for some high-powered black balling. — Critical Rating: AAA 1/2 (AVN)

Mr. Marcus appears briefly, stripping and taking a couple of faked b.j.s which are shown only in long shots. The next stripper is a skinny ebony girl who’s a lousy dancer but willing to lie down on stage and use a vibe in her cunt till the batteries wear out.

Too bad it looks like her shots were lensed separately from the rest; there’s nothing to indicate the frigging had an audience. From there, spontaneous pussy-eating and clit-nibbling breaks out all over the joint. Dildos appear from nowhere and are put to good use, with various colors of rubber and plastic disappearing into various orifices with great abandon.

It’s often impossible to tell which girl is receiving what as the parade of body parts are only tenuously connected with faces. And that’s assuming you even know who all these women are. This first -, second-, and other-rank girls are often interchangeable, but that hardly matters. They’re dedicated to providing simple jerk-off material without pretension to art.

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